WOFF fonts!

This is a test for Gentium Basic repackaged in WOFF format.

For extra variety, we also show Konstytucyja and DeLarge, both obtained from the Open Font Library site.

For more information, see the WOFF format description.

To convert existing TrueType/OpenType fonts to WOFF format (subject to appropriate licensing), there is a simple command-line tool sfnt2woff. Precompiled versions for Mac OS X and for Windows are available. Simply run sfnt2woff at a command prompt for a brief "usage" message.

A zip file containing the format description together with sample code, including the source for the sfnt2woff tool, is available for download here.
(Updated 2009-10-04 12:32PM GMT+1)

Support for this WOFF format is implemented in the latest nightly builds of Firefox (development builds with the name Minefield), and is expected to ship in Firefox 3.6.